The nautical equipment is from around 1966 and was in use on a German

merchant vessel until 2009. Collection only, to avoid damage in transit.

All items for cash, the prices are final - not negotiable, since

all prices are well below current market value.

Arrangements for sale and collection via email to

Location: County Clare, Ireland.

Magnetic steering compass, through light, cardanic frame: 350 euro

Thermometers, shock proof, 35 cm, 12mm shaft, incl. brass mounting inserts for exhaust pipe or turbine (not shown). 650 and 700 degrees celsius, 100 euro each.

Furniture For Sale

Two part press, made in Munich around 1920, pine & beech solid timber,

completely restored in Germany 1999 by M&S Antik, Some minor traces

of wear from daily use.

8 small drawers 14 x 16 x 8 cm, 4 drawers 37 x 45 x 10 cm. glass door top.

Bottom: 181 cm wide, 57 cm deep, 104 cm height. Temporary coaster wheels

added under the legs for ease of transport. weight ca. 165 kg.

Top: 166 cm wide, 31 cm deep, 89 cm height. weight ca 55 kg.

1250 Euro for self-collection with large van or truck.

Set of 4 original ship's position lamps of a German freight ship, made in 1966.

Heavy Fresnel lenses, 50 cm height and 25 cm diameter,

emergency petroleum lamp inserts. Steel and hard copper casings.

150 Euro per lamp, or 500 Euro for complete set, self collection only.

Various flags, mixed materials & sizes, mostly unused, a few are frayed

and worn (not shown). Including some flags of countries that no longer

exist. 100 euro for all flags, in one batch - no singles.